At Sunrise Ranch, we also offer some amazing options to add to your experiences.

Gerard’s Honeybees

Gerard’Z Honeybees

You will be taken on a short walk, wine in hand, to the hives on property. From there you will learn how to open the hive, how to check that the queen is laying properly, how to observe the inner workings of the colony to determine if the hive is in need of any assistance.

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Lobsters at Laird

Enjoy a lobster feast by Laird Family Estate and Napa Valley Lobster Co. Sit down and enjoy this experience while you relax and enjoy the gorgeous views! Careful, you may get messy, but don’t worry, we provide plenty of bibs and napkins!

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Grape Stompers

Divided into teams, guests must christen their group with a clever name, devise a witty cheer, each team donning different colored kerchiefs. Creativity points are awarded at the staff’s discretion before each team decides who will stomp or swab and the relay begins.

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